Presentation of the NLIS Project

During the last decade, the MLHUD has undertaken efforts and initiatives to modernise land administration and develop institutional transformation. The focus is to computerise the graphical data of the cadastral parcels, and registration data (customary rights, Mailo titles, freeholds and leaseholds) managed by the MLHUD headquarters in Kampala and the district offices.

The integrated National Land Information System (NLIS) also aims to integrate the spatial aspects of land administration data managed by district offices. Started in February 2015, the DeSINLISI project (“The Design, Supply, Installation and Implementation of National LIS Infrastructure”) will help the country to secure its land records and will facilitate the management of lands for the MLHUD as well as registration formalities for the public. The initiative will conclude in February 2018. The project will be followed by 2 year of maintenance and will cover the entire country.